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My name is Mike and I have been raising tropical fish for the past 50 years. I belong to the Minnesota Aquarium Society and my current fish room contains over 60 fish tanks. Here is some information about my room.

I have a 160 gallon display tank, a 125 gallon Saltwater/Coral tank, Four 55 gallon tanks, and the rest of the tanks range from 10 to 29 gallon. With so many tanks there is a lot to keep tract of: water changes, feeding fry, keeping an eye on new and pregnant fish, and adding medications. To help keep track of each tank I created customize handles for my lids and a dry erase board to track water changes.

While I have been raising and breeding tropical freshwater fish for over 50 years, I just recently set up a 125 gallon saltwater fish and coral tank. I am still working on improving my water testing schedule. Someone suggest I use a great app called Aquarimate. I know that there are many others available. It has been a big help for tracking water parameters, task and activates and analytics.
I was amazed at much additional equipment I need to have for my saltwater tanks. From testing kits, water additives, various size syringes. turkey baster (to keep the coral free of slime and algae) and much more. Here is a link to some of the holders I created for all those items.
While saltwater tanks can be a lot of work, it is well worth the time and satisfaction.

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