Word Search Puzzles

Word Search Puzzle – Cichlids
Created by Fantastic Fish Room
Cichlids are an extremely diverse family of fishes, most of which are found in rift lakes in Africa.
There are 1300 species of fishes of the family Cichlidae
For more information on Cichlids Click Here

Word Search Puzzle – Guppies
Online and Printable Word Search Puzzle – Guppy
Created by Fantastic Fish Room Using the website https://thewordsearch.com

Guppies are one of the most common types of tropical fish kept by beginners. But guppies are not just for beginners! In the hobby there are a wide variety of fancy guppy strains. There are variations in a number of characteristics including patterns, colors and the shape of their tails. For more information on types of Guppies I invite you to visit the Guppy Expert fantastic website for information and many beautiful great gallery of guppy images.

Word Search Puzzle – Fish Names
Online and Printable Word Search Puzzle Featuring Names of Tropical Fish
Created by Fantastic Fish Room Using the website The Word Search

Don’t worry – you are searching for the common name and not the scientific or Latin name. Here is a great article about “What’s in a Fish Name” that I found on the Aqueon website

Connect the Dots

Create a Seahorse
Create a Starfish
Create a Fish
Create a Different Seahorse


Color a Coral Fish
Color Underwater Life
Color a Stingray
Color a Sea Turtle
Draw Some Fish In the Bowl

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