Juan Miguel Artigas Azas, PH.DFacebook Link

List of Juan’s Past Presentations – From The Cichlid Room Companion

Cichlids from Costa Rica
Herichthys, the northern cichlids
Central American Rheophilus Cichlids
Thorichthys, jewels of the Mayanland
Introduction to Live-bearers from Mexico

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Convention Presentations

Amazing Thorichtys

Swordtails of the Rio Panuco Drainage

Rick BorsteinGreater Chicago Cichlid Association Link

Livebearer Reproduction Strategies
No buckets, no hoses. Automating Water Changes in your Fish Room
The Road to Master Breeder: Tips and Techniques for Spawning Cichlids
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Chuck DavisFAAS Link

Showing and Judging Aquarium Fish
Fish Your Should Keep, Fish You Should Not Keep

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North East Council Aquarium Societies

Ken DavisInfo Fishfarm USA link

Unusual Livebearers
History of discus in the Hobby
Lake Victiona Rock Cichlids
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Mark Denaro Anubias Design on APC

Nano Aquariums
Wild Bettas and Other Anabantoids
Fish for the Reef Aquarium
Aquarium Filtration and Lighting

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Mo DevlinFacebook Link Aquamojo Link

Smile Fish!
Today in the Fishroom


Red morph cichlid fish called a Dovii. Very large and very territorial
Beautiful Large Fish
Paratheraps breidohri
P. coatzacoalcos

Richard “Rit” ForcierFacebook Link

Goodeid Livebearers I Have Known
My Million Gallon Salt Tank
Collecting in Florida
Collecting in Mexico

Johannes GraftFacebook Link

ANGFA Presentation
Wapoga River: Collecting Chilatherina alleni and Melanotaenia rubrivittata

in the remote wilderness.
Papua 2019: Discovery and collecting of “The Most Amazing Rainbowfish”;

Melanotaenia species Kali Tawa and Melanotaenia mairasi.

Mike HellwegFish Room Tour Link

Culturing Live Foods – A Step-by-Step Guide for Culturing One’s Own Food for the Home n TFH TFH Magazine – The Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid (Apistogramma cacatuoides)

Anabantoids – Keeping and Breeding Fish that Can Drown!
Meet the Halfbeaks
My Adventures with Dwarf Seahorses and Freshwater Pipefish

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Dr. Tim HovanceFacebook LinkDrTim’s Aquatics Link

ACA Presentation – Water Filtration

Spencer JackFacebook Link

Speaking Topics

The Gymnogeophagus of Uraguay
An Introspecive Look Into New World vs Old Word Cichlids
Fish Farmin’
Collecting in Uruguay
Collecting in the Republic of Suriname
Completely Cyphotilapia
Fishin’ for the Answers
The Lure of El Prado – Collecting in Bolivia

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ACA Presentation – Fish Keeping Gone Wild!

Ted JudyTed’s Fishroom Link

The Genus Pelvicachromis
Raising Fry from Eff to Adolescence
Going Gabon!
Ted’s Fishroom … I Want a Mulligan!
African Tetras
One Hundred Fifty-Two Species

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Ad KoningsMeet Ad Konings

Juan Miguel Artigas Azas, PH.D – Facebook Link

List of Juan’s Past Presentations – From The Cichlid Room Companion

Gary Lange – Facebook Link

Gary Lange’s Amazing Rainbow Fish Collection and Fish Room Tour
Gary Lange Tells Us the Best Rainbows to Start Keeping
Home Fish Room Tour! Gary Lange Rainbowfish, Angelfish, and Betta Breeding
How to Keep Rainbowfish. Super Species Sunday w/ Gary Lange
The Best Rainbow Fish Aquariums
Gary Lange Rainbowfish Eggs Hatching

ANGFA Presentations
Everything You Wanted to Know About Rainbowfish But Were Afraid to Ask
The Blood Sweat and Cheers of 105 Days of Chasing Rainbowfish in New Guinea

Dr. Paul LoiselleFacebook Link

Lee Newman

“Cenotes, Caves and Fishes of the Yucatan”

Leo O’ReillyFacebook Link

Weipa Wanderings – and the hunt for the elusive Threadfin Rainbowfish

Weipa is a small mining town on the West Coast of Cape York in far northern Australia. Situated in the Australian tropics, it abounds with tropical freshwater fish such as M. trifasciata (the Regal Rainbowfish), M.s. inornata (the Chequered Rainbowfish), I. werneri (the Threadfin Rainbowfish), P. gertrudae (the Spotted Blue-eye) and M. mogurnda (the Purple Spotted Gudgeon). It’s also home to the Saltwater Crocodile, one of the most dangerous creatures on earth!!

The presentation will detail the amazing variety of fish and color forms that are found in the Weipa area, and detail the trials and tribulations of tracking down the elusive Threadfin Rainbowfish. You’ll see some amazing Australian landscapes, learn about the color variations of fish in each creek, and see where the Threadfin Rainbows were finally located. And all from the master of fishy stories, Leo O’Reilly!!

ANGFA Presentation – Weipa Wanderings

Gil RosenthalFacebook Link

Past Programs:
“Natural Hybridization & Mate Choice in Xiphophorus of Mexico’s Sierra Madre Oriental”

Convention Presentation
Swordtails in the Neighborhood – Cichaz in the Sierra Madre Oriental

Dan SharifiCichlids of the Americas Link

Presentation at ACA – Central Cichlids

Richard Stratton – Facebook Link

Facebook Link

Aquarium Filtration
Marine Aquariums: A Complete Authoritative Guide

Mini-Reef Aquarium
Introducing Cichlids
South American Cichlids
Marine Invertebrates in the Aquarium
Introducing Cichlids
Oscars Keeping and Breeding Them in Captivity

Marine Aquariums Yearbook Jan 1996

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Convention Presentation: Old Time Cichlids!

Stephan TannerSwiss Tropicals Link

Egg Scatteres
Fishkeeping European Style
Pleco Nutrition
Plecos, Let’s Breed Them Before They Vanish

Michi ToblerFacebook Link

American Livebearers Association Article – Just Ask a Scientist
Welcome to the Tobler Lab
“Livebearers of Mexico – Habitats and Scientific Findings”
“Field Work in Central America”
“Poecilieds Living in Extreme Environments”
“The Amazing Diversity of Livebearers”
Strange Habitats, Unusual Adaptations, and Complex Mating Rituals”

Convention Presentation’s

Safety 3rd: Adventures in Fish Keeping and Collecting

Unusual Livebearers in Nature and the Aquarium

Karl W. TrochuFacebook LinkMiami Swordtails Link

Past Programs:
“Year Long Outdoor Fishroom & Cultivated Strains of Xiphophorus’
“Fancy Swordtails/Genetics”

Convention Presentation
Breeding Fancy Livebearers in an Outdoor and Natural Fishroom

Daniel Konn VetterleinFacebook Link

Loricariids of the Middle Xingu River

ACA Presentation – Sampling the White River in Bolivia

Different Aspects of the European Hobby – We Can Go Big Too!

Rusty WesselACA Convention Link

Livebearers of Mexico to Panama
Collecting in Honduras
Mexico – The Panuco Basin

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Federation of American Aquarium Societies

Mike WiseApistogramma.com LinkCichlid Room Companion Link

Like to 24 References (From Cichlid Room Companion)
South American Dwarf Cichlids
Breeding Apistogramma for Fun and Profit
Four Weeks in the Amazon: Adventures in Fish Collecting

Marcel Wuethrich – Facebook Link

ANGFA Presentation
Rhadical Rhads!
Collecting the Ornate Rainbowfish (Rhadinocentrus ornatus) at Tin Can Bay