BAP – HAP – Expo – Show Awards

Fantastic Fish Room creates customized awards for all of your societies/club needs. The winners will be proud to display these beautiful awards in their Fantastic Fish Room.
From awards for all level of participation in your BAP and HAP programs to Best of Show and Best in Class awards for aquarium shows and competition your society/club may sponsor.

Breader’s Award Program Awards

The Breeders’ Award Program exists to encourage members to breed fish and share knowledge concerning the spawning and rearing of fish.

I am a member of the BAP program for our aquarium society and currently have had 99 different species of fish spawn and have earned the “Master Breeder Award” from our club.

May time it is just as challenging to raise the fish (in our club you need to raise and submit at least four fish for a minimum of two days) as to have them breed.

BAP programs provides the means to recognize the achievements of society members who have meet these challenges.

Horticulurist Award Program

The Horticulturist Award Program (HAP) recognizes achievement in growing and reproducing aquatic plants.

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