Fantastic Fish Room creates a wide range of Custom Awards for all your club’s or society’s programs including Breeder’s Awards Programs (BAP) and Horticulturist Award Programs (HAP). You can design the award and feature the clubs logo and images or contact us to have our design team give you design ideas.
We also have a wide range of awards in all price ranges including awards for show participation and placement, years of service, appreciation, speakers and more.
You have a number of different options for award shape and material used including Acrylic, Glass, Aluminum and Hardboard.
Fantastic Fish Room in Partnership with CloseUp Images is honored to be chosen to produce the 20+ speaker recognition awards that will be presented to the speakers at the Triple Crown Convention this month.

For more information please contact us.

Award Group
Award - 2021 Rookie Breeder of the Year
HAP Award by Fantastic Fish Room