Fantastic Fish Room was created to support Aquarist and Fish Clubs/Societies and Aquarium Stores with unique and personalize products, awards, signage and information.

For Fish Keepers we feature a wide assortment of custom products including test tube holders, floor graphics, tank dividers, floor mats, tank maintenance tools holder, and more.
Most products can be personalized with your favorite image (or choose one from our photo gallery) and club/society logo.

Fish Clubs and Societies we want to support you by offering wide selection of customized awards and signage. From beautiful BAP and HAP Awards, Year End Recognition Awards, and competition/show awards.

We support aquarium stores by creating unique signage, floor graphics, and publicity ideas.

Fantastic Fish Room has years of experience working with organizations hosting shows and competitions. From publicity items such as banners, flags, and sandwich boards to signage to welcome exhibitors, directional signage, speakers schedule or directional floor graphics. We would love to partner with you to make you next event something Fantastic.

Thank you for visiting. Please contact me at with any questions or comments.

Fish Room
Built in our basement, the fish room is 350 sq feet and contains over 70 tanks.
We have four saltwater tanks including a 125 gallon reef tank. The freshwater tanks range from 160 gallons to 5 gallons, with most tanks set up for breeding; with a focus on Apistogramma (Apistos) and Guppies.

We are members of our local aquarium society for 25 years and have been honored to receive the Master Breeder Award, Best in Show and Showmaster awards.
If you are not a member of a Local or a
National Club or Society I invite you to consider joining one. Learning and sharing with other aquarist is the best way to succeed in this Fantastic Hobby.

Fantastic Fish Room Features

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Personalize Your Items
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