Fantastic Fish Room was created to support Aquarist and Fish Clubs/Societies

For Fish Keepers we created a number of unique products, ideas, and links to help you create a Fantastic Fish Room. A room that you enjoy and your fish thrive in!

Fish Clubs and Societies we want to support you by offering customized awards and signage.
We create beautiful BAP and HAP Awards that can include images and logos. Other awards include: Year End Recognition Awards – Show and Expo Awards and Best of Class Awards.
We also offer many items to support your next fish show/expo/convention. From publicity items such as banners, flags, and sandwich boards to inside signage and banners for check in table, speaker schedule or directional floor graphics. We can help make you next show something Fantastic.

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My Fish Room
Built in my basement the room is 350 sq feet and contains over 60 tanks.
I have four saltwater tanks including a 125 with many corals. The other tanks house a wide range of freshwater fish including puffers, rainbow fish, elephant nose, a wide many varieties of livebearers, apistos, and gobies. Upstairs I have a 160 gallon freshwater tank with a number of tetra families who enjoy schooling together in this large display tank.

Fantastic Fish Room Features:

Products for Aquarist

Kneeling Pad

Featuring Test Tube Holders, Kneeling or Seat Pad (shown above) Floor Graphics (image at top of page) , Maintenance Tool Holder, Aquarium Lid Handles, and so much more. Fantastic Fish Room offers a wide range of unique products to help solve common fish room challenges.

Maintenance Tool Holder is a Great Way to Keep All Your Aquarium Tools Organized

Personalized Products

Floor Graphic of a Hillstream Loach
Floor Graphic to use on your aquarium floor

Fantastic Fish Room can create a wide range of items featuring your fish club’s logo or any design you wish.
Logo items are also a great way for fish clubs and societies to raise money. We can add your logo and text to Clocks, Bags, Mouse Pads, Stickers, License Plate Holder, Bottle Opener, and more.

Door Mat with Image and Text Can Also Be Created with Club Logo


We invite you to take you award program to the next level. Instead of the standard wooden plaque and engraved nameplate that is hard to read we can include images and logos. We feature beautiful awards and Recognition Items for BAP, HAP, Show Winners, Event Sponsors, Speakers and much more. Awards are created on a wide range of materials including acrylic (shown above), aluminum, glass, wood, slate and more.

Awards Given to Presenters at Triple Crown National Convention in Louisville KY 2022

Event Signage

Aquarist put a lot of working into planning your clubs’ events. Make sure they are well attended. Banners, Flags, Sign, and Floor Graphics are just a few of the items we can create to help make you next event a huge success.

Minnesota Aquarium Society 2022 Expo Sign of Exhibitors and Vendors

Photo Gallery Preview

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