The Photo Gallery is the portfolio of pictures taken by Fantastic Fish Room and our partner CloseUp Images. In the Product Images Gallery the images from the Photo Gallery have revised from the original to fit the product they are being displayed on.

Yes. We can use any logo (that you own) to create a wide variety of items that you can use for recognition, gifts, awards, or for a fund raiser.

Together with our partner CloseUp Images ( we can supply many of the items you need including:

>Publicity items such as Feather Flags and A Frame Signs
>Logo Items such as Table Drapes and Banners as well as items to sell at the show with your logo to raise funds.
>Information Signs for Check In, List of Speakers, Raffle Items, Sponsor Recognition and More.
>Awards Including Trophies and Acrylic Plaques
>Floor Signage

Yes we do for pet shop or fish clubs who would like to sell our items at their store or website. Please contact for more information.

Most of the Products listed on the Products page can be customized using your photo or an image from our Photo Gallery. The higher the quality of the image the better the item will look. Also you want to make sure the size of the image matches the size of the product.

We can create custom Breeders Award Program (BAP) and Horticulturalists Award Program (HAP) for any level of participation or you can send us your design suggestions and we will create the award using them. We have a wide variety of award styles and price ranges to choose from. Visit our Awards page for more information.